A stunning Art Deco necklace

Who wouldn’t feel a million dollars wearing this? This stunning neckless is in very good condition and beautifully and finely made. It’s an Art Deco Pendant necklace dating around the 1910 – 1920’s. 

A good size 37mm,1.45 inch at its widest and maximum length 2 inch, 52 mm. (Weight 5.56 gm). The front is finished in platinum to set off the diamonds. The body of the piece is in 18ct yellow gold.

The central, main diamond is 0.30 ct approx. 3 diamonds at 2.5mm across and then 16 interstitial small diamonds. All white, clear sparkly and everything they should be. Finally finishing with a small pear shaped drop pearl.

An excellent piece. Both the crafting and the design are very much of the period.

This beautiful piece is available to be purchased here.